Use our advanced, no-code Data Science toolbox as an intuitive Web Application

Analyze terabytes of tabular data with any of our 6 AI-models in 3 simple steps

Data Input

1. Upload Excel & CSV files or connect to most SQL Databases


1. Select one of 6 AI-powered models, 2. Choose the target variable and variables used in the analysis, 3. Run


1. Use our rich set of data visualizations, 2. Create and share interactive dashboards

See our AI models.

Create and share interactive and automatically updating dashboards

Web Dashboard

Create and share interactive dashboards in our web application. You can also set your dashboards to automatically update on hourly, daily, weekly or longer intervals as new data comes in. Simply, add your analytics to existing dashboards or create a new dashboard and quickly gain deep insights from your data and identify the most important aspects and events with easy-to-use, real-time data visuals.

Wide Range of Data Visualizations

Directly visualize and make sense of your results with our tool. No need to use other visualization tools.