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offers AI and Deep Learning Based Advanced Analytics, Use-Case Pipelines, Dashboard, and Wide Range of Visualizations

Data Cleaning and Imputation

Data Cleaning and Imputation helps users to detect empty or invalid fields and suggest fixes for those fields with Deep Neural Networks. Invalid fields are detected by row and cross-row rules defined by users. User can also easily generate suggestions for missing values by simply selecting “Impute empty or null cells”.

Time-series forecasting

Time-series forecasting with Deep AutoRegression works seamlessly with missing values and multiple time-series forecasting. Users can predict future values of variables based on their historical values with cutting-edge Deep Learning AI. Users need only to select the date variable and prediction length.


Our Deep Learning based Regression can be used to predict the continuous values such as price, salary, age, weather by finding the relationships between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables based on labeled datasets. The Regression finds the function to map the input variables to the continuous output variable.


Classification is similar to Regression with the main difference being that the output variable in Regression has numerical (continuous) values while output variable in Classification has categorical (discrete) values such as Male or Female, True or False, Spam or Not Spam, Fraud or Legitimate.


Segmentation or clustering is an unsupervised machine learning technique, in which there are no defined dependent and independent variables. Our Deep Learning based Segmentation learns complex relationships between various characteristics directly from the unlabelled data to cluster the data into similar groups.

Correlation Analysis

Correlation Analysis is a method that can be used to find if there is a linear relationship between variables and to estimate the strength of that relationship.

Web Dashboard

Create and share interactive dashboards in our web application. You can also set your dashboards to automatically update on hourly, daily, weekly or longer intervals as new data comes in. Simply, add your analytics to an existing dashboards or create a new dashboard and quickly gain deep insights from your data and identify the most important aspects and events with easy-to-use, real-time data visuals.

Advanced use-case pipelines (Coming Soon)

Built on top of our AI and Deep Learning analytics engine to help our users to automate their data analytics.

Wide Range of Data Visualizations

Directly visualize and make sense of your results with our tool. No need to use other visualization tools.