Advanced No-Code Data Science

available directly in Google Sheets, Excel, and Cloud Application
Time Series Forecasting
Data Cleaning & Imputation
Classification & Regression
Advanced Use Case Pipelines
Sentiment Analysis

Democratize Data Science with no-code tool and drive AI to masses

Actable.AI brings the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to democratise advanced data analytics. We empower business analysts, data analysts, and domain experts without programming skills to easily use AI and Deep Learning based analytics to get fast and accurate insights from their data. Actable.AI’s advanced no-code Data Science engine can be used in Excel, Google Sheets, and Cloud Application to achieve results similar to those produced by a good Data Scientist at >10x faster and >15x cheaper.


Armen Poghosyan, PhD, MBA, CEO, Co-Founder
Armen has an MBA from the University of Oxford and PhD from the University of Illinois. He was an Earth and Space Scientist authoring 23 scientific publications (e.g. an article in a journal ranked 1st among 160 Aerospace Engineering journals) with over 375 citations by researchers from NASA, Airbus, MIT, Harvard, Caltech, Cornell etc. Armen was also an Entrepreneur in Residence and Mentor at Oxford University Innovation helping the University of Oxford to commercialize its IPs.
Trung Huynh, PhD, CTO, Co-Founder
Trung has an MS in Computer Science from the University of Oxford and a PhD in AI, Deep Learning, and NLP from University College London / Open University University. Trung worked as a Software Engineer and Data Scientist at Google, Goldman Sachs, Palantir, and Musicmetric (acquired by Apple). Before Actable.AI, Trung was at Google, working on various cutting-edge projects including conducting research on AutoML and Neural Network architectures and making Google Assistant smarter.