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Apply AI/Machine Learning easily in simple steps

Build & deploy predictive models, extract causal insights and much more with a few clicks
1. Connect: Upload Excel & CSV file or connect to SQL databases
2. Transform: Transform your data and feature engineer with our SQL editor
3. Analyze: Extract actionable insights from one of our Machine Learning tools
4. Visualize: Share your results with a rich set of visualizations & dashboards
5. Schedule: Schedule to get & export fresh results from the latest data

AI-Powered Analytics in Your Web Browser and Spreadsheets

Open-source AI Engine
Our AI engine is entirely open-source. It means our algorithms can be fully audited and used everywhere.

Decision-Making AI

Decision-making AI is the type of AI that helps answer different business questions and take actions
Example use cases and business questions
Predict player churn and send promotions for churn prevention
Predict customer LTV to optimize for marketing and customer service
How does changing the price affect demand?
If price is increased, will a customer stay?
What is the sale next month?
Analyze customer feedback on different aspects
What should be bought together?
When will my employees leave?
Survival analysis (coming soon)
I have a limited budget, which marketing campaigns should I do?
Multi-armed bandit (coming soon)


A full list of features from our advanced analytics and more are coming soon
Predictive modelling
Trains predictive models with labelled data to predict unlabelled data
  • Automatically selects the best models from model ensembles and combinations of different model architectures
  • Automates feature selection
  • Automates hyperparameter tuning
  • Includes prediction intervals
  • Includes prediction explanations with Shapley values
  • Works seamlessly with text columns in any languages
  • Removes historical biases with Causal AI and GAN
Clusters customers or products to similar cohorts with a rich set of features
  • Works seamlessly with categorical columns
  • Captures complex relationships and learns item similarity in high dimensional space with Deep Learning
  • Includes cluster explanations in natural language
  • Includes prediction explanations with Shapley values
Timeseries forecasting
Forecasts future by capturing temporal patterns from historical data
  • Automatically trains and selects the best model from a variety of algorithms from statisitcal to Deep Learning
  • Works seamlessly with additional numerical or categorical features
  • Handles both univariate and multivariate timeseries
  • Works seamlessly with timeseries groups for cross learning between groups
Causal inference
Estimates causal effect from observational data without expensive and time-consuming RCTs or A/B testings
  • Uses Double Machine Learning with AutoML for robust inference while minimizing biases
  • Estimates both ATE and CATE for heterogeneous effects
  • Works seamlessly with categorical and text columns
  • Handles both categorical and numerical treatments
  • Handles both categorical and numerical outcomes
Counterfactual predictions (What if?)
Predicts potential outcomes when a hypothetical intervetion is introduced
  • Uses Causal Inference for correctly estimating causal effect and potential outcomes
  • Include intervention recommendations for given expected outcomes for optimisation
Sentiment analysis
Extracts keywords and their sentiments from 12 different languages with ease
  • Automatically extracts keywords and aspects that matter
  • Works seamlessly with most European languages, Hindi and Arabic
Data cleansing & imputation
Automatically detects and imputes missing or incorrect values with AutoML
  • Includes handcrafted rules for systematic data corruption detection
  • Suggests data corrections generated by predictive models with AutoML
Statistical analyses & visualizations
Our toolbox also contains different hypothesis testing tools and statisitcal analyses
  • Includes hypothesis testing methods such as ANOVA, parametric and non-parametric methods
  • Includes statistical analyses such as correlational analysis, Bayesian Linear Regression, Association Rules, etc.
  • Includes a rich set of visualizations for exploratary data analyses


All our analytics are powered by the best and latest open-source technologies
Powered by open-source state-of-the-art AutoML to train quality models without hassle
All trained models are deployed instantly to be used interactively online or with an API
Leverages Deep Learning and pre-trained models for extra intelligence whenever applicable
Full feature importances and model explanations with Shapley values
Utilizes Causal AI with AutoML for fairness, causal inference and counterfactual predictions
Always stay up-to-date with the best and latest technologies
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