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Causal and unbiased insights in 3 simple steps

1. Data Input: Excel & CSV upload, Google Sheets data, SQL Database connection
2. Analyze: Get insights from predictive & causal analyses of any tabular data
3. Visualize: Rich set of visualizations & shareable dashboards

AI-Powered Analytics in Your Web Browser and Spreadsheets

Web Application
Analyze your data with powerful Causal AI and ML in a few clicks–without coding.
Google Sheets
Same AI-powered Data Science in Google Sheets via Actable AI add-on.

With Actable AI you will have

Descriptive analysis
Predictive analysis
Causal analysis

Causal AI and ML based analytics - without coding

A causal analysis goes beyond simple associations between variables to estimate the causal relationships with a goal of answering whether a change in treatment variables (e.g. job training program) actually causes changes to outcome variables (trainees' real life earnings).
Causal inference
Counterfactual analysis, available in regression & classification, allows you to estimate the impact of changing input on predictions. For example, you can change the price of a product and see its effect on sales. It uses Causal AI to estimate the causal effect of  interventions on the predictions.
Counterfactual analysis
De-biased predictions, available in regression & classification, allow you to predict unknown values or labels using historical data. It also allows you to easily remove certain biases such as gender in data to improve prediction fairness. It offers a full explanation of which factors contribute to predictions.
De-biased predictions
Data Cleaning & Imputation helps you to detect empty or invalid fields and suggest fixes for those fields with Deep Neural Networks based on rules defined by users. User can also easily generate suggestions for missing values in dataset by simply selecting “Impute empty or null cells”.
Data cleanse & imputation
Sentiment analysis allows you to classify a text  into positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. It works at a context level and extracts the sentiment of the text at entity level like product name or event. You can use it to better understand people' perception of  brands, products, and reputation.
Sentiment analysis
Time-series forecasting allows you to predict future values of variables based on their historical values. Users only need to enter the date variable and the forecasting time frame. Our Deep Learning AI works seamlessly with missing values and multiple time-series forecasting.
Time-series forecasting
Segmentation or clustering is an unsupervised machine learning technique with no defined dependent and independent variables. Our Deep Learning AI learns complex relationships between various characteristics from the unlabelled data to cluster the data into similar groups.
Correlation is a statistical association between variables whether causal or not but in general, correlation alone is not sufficient to infer causation. Correlation analysis can be used to find a linear relationship between variables and estimate the strength of that relationship.
Correlation analysis
Our sharable dashboards and a wide range of data visualizations allows you to create and share intuitive results. Dashboards can be shared with others, made public, and set to automatically update as new data comes in. Dashboards and visualizations are always free for our customers.
Dashboards & visualizations
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