AI-Powered No-Code Data Science in Google Sheets, Excel, Web App

Actable AI is the easiest way to analyze your data with advanced Data Science algorithms. We bring the best, latest technologies to enable everyone to use AI-powered analytics.
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Get maximum impact from your data without, programming, steep learning curve or paying $$$$

Analyze any tabular data with a wide range of AI-models in 3 simple steps

Data Input

  • Upload Excel and CSV files
  • Use Data in Excel & Google Sheets
  • Connect to most SQL Databases


  • Select one of 6 AI-powered models, the target variable, and variables used in the analysis
  • Run


  • Use our rich set of data visualizations
  • Create and share interactive dashboards

All fully encrypted

Get Actable AI and you will have

A wide range of the latest and best AI models

High quality results >10x faster, >15x cheaper

Full access to Web App and plugins

A rich set of data visualizations

Intuitive and shareable dashboards

Automation with scheduled updates

End to end use-case pipelines

Growing number of AI-powered models

One License Gives You Access to our Web App, Plugins, and API

Actable.AI Web App
Analyze and visualize TB size datasets directly in our secure web app. Learn more
Actable.AI API
Analyze your data with Actable.AI API directly in your current work environment. Learn more
Actable.AI for Google Sheets
Analyze and visualize your data directly in Google Sheets with the Actable.AI plugin without leaving Google Sheets. Learn more
Actable.AI for Excel
Analyze and visualize your data directly in Excel with the Actable.AI plugin without leaving Excel. Learn more

We offer a No-Code Tool to

Make AI and Data Science accessible to Everyone

Currently, AI and Data Science are inaccessible to most (95% of the workforce) and if you don't know programming then you cannot benefit from most of the recent advances and technological breakthroughs. Actable AI brings the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to democratize advanced analytics and enable Everyone to easily use AI and Deep Learning based algorithms to get fast and accurate insights from their data. With Actable AI, you can achieve results similar to those produced by a good Data Scientist at >10x faster and >15x cheaper. We are backed by experienced investors. Join us to make AI and Data Science accessible.
Armen Poghosyan, PhD, MBA

CEO, Co-Founder

MBA (U of Oxford) and PhD (U of Illinois). Earth & Space Scientist with 23 publications cited 400 times by researchers from NASA, MIT, Harvard... Entrepreneur in Residence & Mentor at Oxford University Innovation.
Trung Huynh, PhD

CTO, Co-Founder

MS (U of Oxford) and PhD (UCL/Open U) in Computer Science, AI, & Deep Learning. Software Engineer and Data Scientist at Google, Goldman Sachs, Palantir, & Musicmetric (acquired by Apple).
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