Data Science Made Easy

Get the most out of your business data with the latest AutoML, Deep Learning and Causal AI in hours, not months or years
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Apply AI/Machine Learning easily in simple steps

Build & deploy predictive models, extract causal insights and much more with a few clicks
1. Connect: Excel & CSV upload, Google Sheets data, SQL Database connection
2. Transform: Transform your data and feature engineer with our SQL editor
3. Analyze: Extract actionable insights from one of our Machine Learning tools
4. Visualize: Share your results with a rich set of visualizations & dashboards
5. Schedule: Schedule to get & export fresh results from the latest data

AI-Powered Analytics in Your Web Browser and Spreadsheets


Powered by opensource state-of-the-art AutoML to train quality models without hassle
All trained models are deployed instantly to be used interactively online or with an API
All analytics work seamlessly with multilingual text using deep-learning
Full feature importances and model explanations with Shapley values
Causal AI with AutoML for causal inference and counterfactual predictions
Always stay up-to-date with the best and latest technologies
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