Security & Privacy

At Actable AI, we are committed to taking industry gold standard security measures to keep all your data and information private, encrypted, and secure. We have a holistic enterprise-grade security system and follow all UK and EU regulations. 


Actable AI’s robust, zero tolerance data security and privacy policy ensures that our customers’ data is safe from malicious activities and accidental data breaches.


Actable AI’s product runs on Google Cloud Platform and we use full encryption and other security measures available at Google Cloud to ensure the safety of our customers' data.


When you upload your data onto the Actable AI platform, only you, and people you choose to share the data with, will have access to that data and all analytics and visualization generated from that data. 


In case of connecting Actable AI to your database, we do not keep any of your data on our servers. On Google Sheets add-on, your data are transferred and processed but not kept on our server. You have a full control of your data and information at any time and as soon as you delete any data or analytics, it will be permanently removed from our platform.


At Actable AI, our customers’ data and information security and privacy have paramount importance for us and we are committed to keep it safe 24/7 365 days a year.

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