There are two ways to share your data and analytics with others on Actable AI's web application.

The first option is to add them as owners to your data, analytics, and dashboards. Adding others as owners to your data, analytic and dashboards allows them to view, edit, delete, share, and download the shared content. In short, the added owner have the same access rights as you for that shared content. You need to share each data or analytics individually.

The video below shows how to add owners to your data, analytics, and dashboard.

The second option is to add your data and analytics to a dashboard and share the dashboard. You can create a new dashboard or use an existing dashboard. After adding analytics and data to the dashboard, you can make it private or public. If the dashboard is set to public, anybody with the link can view the dashboard.

For sharing private dashboard with specific people, you need to add them as owners on all data and on the dashboard. Then, they will see the shared data, analytics, and dashboard in their Actable AI account. You can also copy and send the link to the dashboard.

The video below shows how to create and share a dashboard.

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