Web Dashboard

With Actable AI's web app, you can create and share web dashboards. Any data table and analytics can be added to a dashboard. You can also make your dashboard private or public. If the dashboard is set to public, then anybody with the link can view the dashboard.

With a simple drag and drop, you can add as many data tables and analytics to your dashboard as needed. Dashboards can also be set to automatically refresh at certain time intervals. For example, you can make your dashboard to refresh every 24 hours to include new data that comes into the database. Check out sharing section and the video below to see how to create and share a dashboard on Actable AI.

All visualizations and dashboards on Actable AI are provided free for our customers. Your subscription billing will only start when you run one of our main analytics listed under available analytics section and stops when you are using dashboards and other simple visualizations.

The video below shows how to create and share a dashboard Actable AI.

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